small acts of kindness

Complete a small task to contribute to the movement’s bigger impact.

Pay it Forward
Buy a Meal for a Homeless Person
Thank a Hard Worker in Your Community
Your Own Idea!

volunteer to build community

Let us see what you have been doing to help improve your neighbors’ lives.

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Bucharest, Romania

Red Cross Food Drive

These young people volunteered all day at Carrefour to get food donations for Bucharest residents who need them. I support...

Tanya Bennett (53)
Charlotte, NC

Donating Clothes at Goodwill

Today I enjoyed dropping off some clothes at my local Goodwill. I talked with one of the men who worked there and he was s...

Charlotte, North Carolina

Habitat for Humanity

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Roger. He was such a nice man and told me about the years he worked on a fishing boat...

Lennart de Ridder (39)

Top Volunteers of the Movement

Any amount of volunteering is invaluable to the future of your community. But we want to highlight the efforts of a few of us that have worked the hardest to spread the movement.

  • small act = 1 point
  • volunteer day = 2 points
  • share on social media = 1 point

the more we give the more we get back

Why is volunteering part of the Grit Movement?

be part of your community

help make it stronger

gain perspective

become happier

meet new people

create relationships

help others

make a difference

try new experiences

have fun!

Volunteering makes the world a better place. It allows us to help others, our community, and ourselves.

So we encourage everyone to find a cause that you believe in and volunteer for it. Doing that is a great way to help start a new movement of humanity, unity, and resilience.

  • মনের জোর
  • ਮੌਜੂਦਗੀ
  • زم
  • धैर्य
  • Grit
  • 毅力
  • הַתמָדָה
  • Мужество
  • 용기